Established in 1973, Kent-Macpherson is recognized as one of Western Canada’s leading authorities in independent real estate valuation, consulting and advisory services.

Our associates’ broad knowledge base and experience, serves both the private and public sectors.

The purpose of an appraisal is to establish an appraiser’s formal opinion of property value for a service fee, to be relied on by the intended parties for a specific purpose. An appraisal involves researching appropriate market areas and analyzing data which is relevant to the subject property. The appraiser’s familiarity, preparation and professional judgment on the investigated information contributes to a final estimate of value. Read More

Consulting is the unbiased analysis of real estate data, recommendations or opinions; other than an appraisal or review assignment. If an appraisal is required within the consulting assignment, it must be developed under the guidelines of the Canadian Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Standards (CUSPAP). Read More

Kent-Macpherson has a long standing client relationship with many First Nations communities and governments throughout the province and offers numerous professional services including: appraisal, leasing, valuation, rent reviews, planning and development consulting as well as treaty negotiations and specific claims on First Nations lands. Our relationships continue to grow as our communities expand; increasing opportunities for deeper partnerships. Read More

Kent-Macpherson not only provides general appraisal and consulting services, but also provides specialized services in a number of areas. By managing a wide range of sensitive property concerns, we have come to appreciate that each one requires its own unique approach in order to offer a precise conclusion and valid opinion for you the client. We pass along our assurance that our specialized service is based on our depth of experience, technical capabilities and the interdisciplinary practice of our professional team. Read More

A Depreciation Report, also known as a Reserve Fund Study, is now legislated for all Strata Corporations in British Columbia. The purpose of this Report is to provide a long term plan for funding future repair/replacement and maintenance of common property and common assets. Read More

Agricultural, Winery & Vineyard, Waterfront

Infrastructure Projects, Right of Way, Easements, Linear Corridor

Master Plan Communities, Development Projects, Village Core, Mixed Use Properties

Waterfront, Residential Resort, Neighbourhood Commercial, Multi Family

Industrial, Distribution, Manufacturing, Warehouse

Retail, Commercial

Depreciation Report Request Form

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“Kent-Macpherson has been our family and businesses real estate valuation professionals for over 20 years. Whether at Tallus Ridge, or our many past and current real estate ventures, Kent-Macpherson consistently provides quality and reliable real estate advice we respect and trust.”

Trent Kitsch, Project Manager Tallus Ridge at Shannon Lake

“Kent Macpherson has served our appraisal and advisory needs extremely well for many years. No matter what the issue, they approach it with tact, professionalism and commitment. Their valuation expertise rivals any firm in the Province that I have worked with.”

Doug Gilchrist , CAO City of Kelowna

“Kent Macpherson’s robust appraisal and advisory services have exceeded Tzeachten First Nations needs throughout the many years of service. Their ability to provide an exceptional valuation, while ensuring they create a relationship built with trust and professionalism is second to none. It has truly been an honour to work with Kent Macpherson, and Tzeachten First Nation looks forward to continuing to build our working relationship.”

Derek Epp, Chief, Tzeachten First Nation

We are pleased and honored to set forth a well deserved recommendation for Kent-Macpherson, who are and have been the major leading real estate appraisal and consulting firm serving our thriving communities of the Okanagan and Similkameen Valleys of British Columbia for more than 40 years… It was Kent-Macpherson who first realized the huge potential of establishing a wine region in this pristine, northern fruit growing region… We are so grateful for their expertise and their continued heartfelt contributions to all in the community.”

Steve Cipes, Proprietor/Founder, Summerhill Pyramid Organic Winery and Bistro

“For close to forty years I have referred clients to Kent-Macpherson, relying on the firm’s professionalism, consistently high standards and extremely well researched valuations. Kent-Macpherson has unique expertise in valuing First Nations lands… Their services extend to advise on ways to enhance the land value, which has proven to be of significant benefit to my clients.”

Murray D. Glazier, Glazier Polley Barrister & Solicitor