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Established in 1973, Kent-Macpherson is recognized as one of Western Canada’s leading authorities in independent real estate valuation, consulting and advisory services. Our associates’ broad knowledge base and experience, serves both the private and public sectors.

Our goal is to offer quality, consistent service prepared to the level of professionalism and high standards customary in today’s business world.

The purpose of an appraisal is to establish an appraiser’s formal opinion of property value for a service fee, to be relied on by the intended parties for a specific purpose. An appraisal involves researching appropriate market areas and analyzing data which is relevant to the subject property. The appraiser’s familiarity, preparation and professional judgment on the investigated information contributes to a final estimate of value. Read More
Consulting is the unbiased analysis of real estate data, recommendations or opinions; other than an appraisal or review assignment. If an appraisal is required within the consulting assignment, it must be developed under the guidelines of the Canadian Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Standards (CUSPAP). Read More
Kent-Macpherson has a long standing client relationship with many First Nations communities and governments throughout the province and offers numerous professional services including: appraisal, leasing, valuation, rent reviews, planning and development consulting as well as treaty negotiations and specific claims on First Nations lands. Our relationships continue to grow as our communities expand; increasing opportunities for deeper partnerships. Read More
Kent-Macpherson not only provides general appraisal and consulting services, but also provides specialized services in a number of areas. By managing a wide range of sensitive property concerns, we have come to appreciate that each one requires its own unique approach in order to offer a precise conclusion and valid opinion for you the client. We pass along our assurance that our specialized service is based on our depth of experience, technical capabilities and the interdisciplinary practice of our professional team. Read More

CMHC 2016 Housing Market Outlook Kelowna CMA released

An expected increase in multiple-family housing starts along with steady construction of single-detached homes will result in a rising number of total housing starts in 2016 with [...]

Understanding Reserve Fund Studies

March 11, 2016 as published CPV MAGAZINE 2016 – VOLUME 59 – BOOK 4 Introduction Condominium and strata ownership continues to be a viable housing alternative for many Canadians. To protect the interests of the individual unit owners and the condominium corporations, the majority of Canadian provinces have enacted legislation requiring that condominium corporations partake in a reserve fund study (called a depreciation report in British Columbia). Condominium corporations are referred to as strata corporations in British Columbia, and comply with similar legislated requirements in regards to completing depreciation reports. Contents of the reserve fund study In basic terms, a reserve fund study is a report that assists condominium corporations in understanding what they own, how much money they have, the timing of potential replacements, future costs, and, ultimately, how to pay for the replacements when they are due. A reserve fund study is a financial document that is meant to act as a guide to assist with planning corporate budgets. The study is not a technical audit and does not deal with detailed technical matters or invasive testing. Rather, this document takes a business approach to reserve fund management. A reserve fund study generally includes the following: a physical inventory of all common property (including building systems such as roof systems, exterior walls, pavement and landscaping, etc.); an analysis of the observed condition, actual and effective age, remaining economic life, and current and future replacement costs for each component of common property; a determination of the level of reserves required to meet anticipated future costs; an analysis of the current balance of the reserve fund and how much the condominium corporation has been contributing historically; and development of funding models to assist the strata in reaching its funding goals. The specific requirements vary slightly from province to province, with three cash flow models required in some provinces. […]

Cliff Smirl, AACI P.App awarded Top Appraiser Under 40 Award

The Appraisal Institute of Canada (AIC) is proud to announce that Joanne Slaney, AACI, P.App and Clifford Smirl, AACI, P.App are the winners [...]

“Kent-Macpherson has been our family and businesses real estate valuation professionals for over 20 years. Whether at Tallus Ridge, or our many past and current real estate ventures, Kent-Macpherson consistently provides quality and reliable real estate advice we respect and trust.”
Trent Kitsch, Project Manager Tallus Ridge at Shannon Lake
“Kent-Macpherson is one of the most professional “professional services” companies I have ever worked with. Most recently, Kent-Macpherson presented to my team of very experienced REALTORS®, explaining the importance of Depreciation Reports. Not only was it informative, it was crisp, specific and our questions were answered most capably.

We have also used Kent-Macpherson for appraisal services and the thoroughness of their analysis gave me real confidence in the result.”

Myrna Park Partner/Managing Broker CENTURY 21 Assurance Realty Ltd.
“Kent Macpherson has served our appraisal and advisory needs extremely well for many years. No matter what the issue, they approach it with tact, professionalism and commitment. Their valuation expertise rivals any firm in the Province that I have worked with.”
Doug Gilchrist


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